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Question # 4

Configure your web services, download from And the services must be still running after system rebooting.

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Question # 5

One Logical Volume named lv1 is created under vg0. The Initial Size of that Logical Volume is 100MB. Now you required the size 500MB. Make successfully the size of that Logical Volume 500M without losing any data. As well as size should be increased online.

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Question # 6

Binding to an external validation server.

System provides a LDAP validation service, your system should bind to this service as required:

Base DN of validation service is dc=example,dc=com

LDAP is used for providing account information and validation information Connecting and using the certification of to encrypt

After the correct configuration, ldapuser1 can log into your system, it does not have HOME directory until you finish autofs questions, ldapuser1 password is password.

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Question # 7

One Logical Volume named /dev/test0/testvolume1 is created. The initial Size of that disk is 100MB now you required more 200MB. Increase the size of Logical Volume, size should be increase on online.

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Question # 8

One Domain RHCE is configured in your lab, your domain server is nisuser2001, nisuser2002, nisuser2003 user are created on your server Make sure that when NIS user login in your system automatically mount the home directory. Home directory is separately shared on server /rhome/stationx/ where x is your Station number.

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Question # 9

Part 2 (on Node2 Server)

Task 7 [Implementing Advanced Storage Features]

Create a thin-provisioned filesystem with the name think_fs from a pool think_pool using the devices.

The filesystem should be mounted on /strav and must be persistent across reboot

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Question # 10

Configure autofs to make sure after login successfully, it has the home directory autofs, which is shared as /rhome/ldapuser40 at the ip: and it also requires that, other ldap users can use the home directory normally.

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Question # 11

Upgrade the kernel, start the new kernel by default. kernel download from this address:

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Question # 12

There is a local logical volumes in your system, named with common and belong to VGSRV volume group, mount to the /common directory. The definition of size is 128 MB.


Extend the logical volume to 190 MB without any loss of data. The size is allowed between 160-160 MB after extending.

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Question # 13

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)

Task 5 [Controlling Access to Files with ACLs]

Copy the file /etc/fstab to /var/tmp. Configure the following permissions on /var/tmp/fstab.

The file /var/tmp/fstab is owned by root user

The file /var/tmp/fstab is belongs to the root group

The file /var/tmp/fstab should be executable by anyone

The user harry is able to read and write on /var/tmp/fstab

The user natasha can neither read or write on /var/tmp/fstab

All other users (Current or future) have the ability to read /var/tmp/fstab

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Question # 14

Configure a task: plan to run echo hello command at 14:23 every day.

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Question # 15

Configure the FTP service in your system, allow remote access to anonymous login and download the program by this service. Service is still running after system rebooting.

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Question # 16

Create a collaborative directory/home/admins with the following characteristics:

Group ownership of /home/admins is adminuser

The directory should be readable, writable, and accessible to members of adminuser, but not to any other user. (It is understood that root has access to all files and directories on the system.)

Files created in /home/admins automatically have group ownership set to the adminuser group

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Question # 17

Create User Account.

Create the following user, group and group membership:

Adminuser group

User natasha, using adminuser as a sub group

User Harry, also using adminuser as a sub group

User sarah, can not access the SHELL which is interactive in the system, and is not a member of adminuser, natasha,harry,sarah password is redhat.

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Question # 18

Your System is going to use as a Router for two networks. One Network is and Another Network is Both network's IP address has assigned. How will you forward the packets from one network to another network?

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Question # 19

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)

Task 13 [Archiving and Transferring Files & SELinux]

Create a backup file named /root/backup.tar.bz2. The backup file should contain the content of /usr/local and should be zipped with bzip2 compression format.

Furthermore, ensure SELinux is in enforcing mode. If it is not, change SELinux to enforcing mode.

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Question # 20

Part 1 (on Node1 Server)

Task 3 [Managing Local Users and Groups]

Create the following users, groups and group memberships:

A group named sharegrp

A user harry who belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group

A user natasha who also belongs to sharegrp as a secondary group

A user copper who does not have access to an interactive shell on the system and who is not a member of sharegrp.

harry, natasha and copper should have the password redhat

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