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Question # 4

You are creating an EPIC Tenant on Ezmeral Container Platform.

When would you grant the Cluster Superuser privilege to Tenant Admins?


The Tenant Admins need rights to multiple tenants, and you do not want to give these users Site Admin rights.


The Tenant Admins need additional rights to set up persistent storage for certain applications.


The Tenant Admins need to access the App Store and download apps for the tenant.


The Tenant Admins requires root access to run ActionScripts on virtual clusters.

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Question # 5

How does HPE Ezmeral Container Platform regulate the use of GPUs on EPIC hosts?


It lets Tenant Admins create flavors, which specify the number of GPUs required by a virtual node using that flavor.


It creates virtual GPUs and allocates these virtual GPUs to the virtual nodes that request them.


It allows Site Admins to reserve a certain number of GPUs for the tenant within an EPIC tenant's settings.

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Question # 6

Your company has developed a JSON file to define a custom KubeDirector application.

What step should you take to add the application to the catalog available to a Kubernetes Tenant?

B.As a Tenant Member or Admin, use the Web Terminal or HPE Kubectl plug-in to issue the kubectl apply -f command.

C.As a Site Admin, import the JSON file using the Web Ul. Then enable the application within the Tenant settings.

C.As a Tenant Admin, use Helm to download the JSON file as a chart. Then deploy the chart as a release within the tenant.

D.As a Site Admin, place the file in the controller /srv/bluedata/catalog directory; modify permissions on the file to make it accessible in the Ul.

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